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Complete the projects and tasks Quickly to become more profitable

All-in-On - Manage and track all your projects and it's tasks in a single platform.

Most Affordable - Make the most of Modern Features & Integrations, Easy Implementation, and Great Support at an Affordable Price.

Real time Live Service - Get on-call live support through screen sharing app.

Instant Return on Investment - Increase the performance of your Employees by reducing their efforts, so you can finish maximum tasks with minimum employees.

Next-Generation - Cloud-based SaaS service that is mobile-ready, fast, and simple to use.

Never Delay any Task with The most efficient Task Management Software

Priorities Tasks

Set Deadlines

Ontime Activity Popup

Live Reports

Manage Task with ease 

In any Business task is the main and important part to track and manage and if you can't handle it properly, you may remain non-profitable.

Teknovate Task Management Software is a web and mobile-based end-to-end Software to manage your all the projects and task so you can finish them on time and streamline your operations.

You can assign the task to your employee with deadline, and track the progress of each task. and if any task do not able to finish in the deadline, you will get a notification too.

The objective of Teknovate Project management software is to increase the productivity of your employees and deliver quick and higher ROI to your investments made in our task management software.

Track Project Progress

Project management of Teknovative solution is already integrated with all the other modules like sales, timesheet, account etc. so it will help you to create the project automatically as your sales team close any deal.

By Marketing automation, your client will be informed about the progress of each task of his project by automated Email, SMS and   what's  app. It will increase the transparency  and ultimately  the trust of your client on your team.

By Live Analytical Dashboard, you can track the progress of each project and task. you can get the reports like person wise pending task, project wise pending task, completed task as well as due task etc. it will help you to manage your project in more better way so you can finish each project on time with minimum operation cost.

Calculate Project cost & Revenue 

Once the task is assigned to any user, they can check all his pending task with priority and deadline. He can start any task and on completion of it, he can stop the task. so it will auto create the time-sheet of that user.

You can set the hourly cost of your each employee, and based on the hours user spent in any task, it's cost will be automatically added into this project 

You can also add any other expenses like travelling expense, purchase expense, etc. against each project. so like this you can calculate total expense of each project

You can also add the Invoice/revenue generated from each project. so software will give you exact cost and revenue report with your current profit or loss of the project.

Update task on Mobile 

Now a days everything goes to the mobile, so it is very important that your employees can work from anywhere through his mobile. here the Application of Teknovate CRM will help.

By our application, your employee will never loose any task, due to on time POP-UP Notification, and he can directly start working on priority task, and log the details. he can also do call, email or WhatsApp to the client in just one click, so it will increase the performance of your employee.

Y ou can also track your field employee by GPS. so it will make fun for your users and you get live reports of all the operations to remain connected with your business and remain updated with the current status and progress of each project and task.

Live Reporting 

Teknovate CRM Business Intelligence tool will help the management teams to  analyze  complete employees performance. The reporting tool is dynamic, flexible & easy to use such that users can take  customized reports as per business requirements.

 Powerful Reports Builder
 Personalized  Dashboard
 Customized  Pivot view
 Export pivot report in excel
 Save report as  favorite
 Analyze  Reports in various graphical views like bar, Line, Pie. 

What makes Teknovate CRM a best Task Management software?

All in one

A complete projects and task management and tracking software with integrated accounting will calculate project costing and revenue  report.

Easy to use

Gamified Experience, reduced learning curve, easy adoption, and productivity boost are just the starting point. Finish your tasks on time with our Task Management Software.


Create custom layouts, use APIs to connect with the apps you are already using and with unlimited customization capabilities, do more with Teknovate CRM.


Project and Task Management Features 

Auto Create stage in new projects 

Set default stages of regular projects to set it automatically for each new project.

Auto create task in new project

Set default task of regular projects to create it automatically for each new project.

Real-time Activity Reminder Popup

It will never allow you to forget any task so you can finish it on-time.

Auto update task progress

Auto send E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp to remain updated.

GPS Tracking

Track your field staff by live GPS Tracking

Track task deadline

Set deadline for each task for deadline alerts and reports.

Auto create Time-sheet

Based on task updated, auto-create daily time-sheet of each employee

Live project Progress tracking

Track current status and live progress of each project.

Work from Anywhere

Cloud based software with Mobile Application.

Live Reporting Dashboard

Analyze and Improve your Business by Live Reporting.