Solar Sales CRM & EPC ERP  Software

​  Every project brings your team and your clients together to chat, share files,

manage tasks, take notes, take payments and get work done

Why does your Solar Business Needs EPC CRM/ERP?

 Losing customers because of forgetting on-time follow-ups?

 Unable to Track & Manage your multiple projects in real-time?

 Employees Spending too much time on administrative tasks?

 Unable to complete the project before the deadline?

 Unable to get real-time, activity reports of your projects?

 Facing Problems to manage procurement and Inventory?

Utilize all resources 100% by Teknovate ERP Solution
and make your business more profitable with ease

Integrate all Departments

Zero Inventory Loss

Automated Planning

Live Reports

 Centralized Lead Management CRM

 Auto Capture Leads - Auto Capture leads from all the sources like E-mail, website, & B2B portals to Teknovate CRM to manage them.

 Auto Distribution Leads - Auto Assign Leads to Appropriate Team and Salesperson based on products, locations, Source and campaign etc. wise

 Personalized Sales Pipeline - Classify your leads in multiple stages so you can manage them easily & forecast the sales

 Planned Activity Notification - Personalized activity reminders do not allow to miss any follow-ups.

 Live Activity Dashboard - Each salesperson can track and manage his pending activity from a single dashboard.

 Sales, Calls & Visits Tracking - Get salesperson’s daily activity reports Analyze performance based on his activity and sales they generated.

 Solar EPC  Marketing Automation

 Primary Follow-ups of Leads - Auto send company introduction through WhatsApp, Mail & SMS on each incoming new leads/inquiries.

 Continuously Auto Follow-up - Continuously auto trigger predefined WhatsApp, E-Mail & SMS templets to the customer from creation of lead to lead closer or lost.

 Bulk Email & SMS Marketing - Classify your leads in multiple stages so you can manage them easily & forecast the sales