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3x Increase in Customer Satisfaction

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Best After Sales Support Management Helpdesk CRM software

Never keep any problem Un-resolved with 

the most efficient  cloud-based Helpdesk CRM solution

Advance Integrations

Zero Ticket Leakage

Ontime Activity Popup

Live Reports

Centralized Ticket Management

In any business, Customer satisfaction is the main key to success, and it will the main parameter, which can create your  brand value, due to which your customer will be committed  to your brand for the life-time.

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM is One stop solution, integrated with all the other departments of your business like marketing, sales, accounting etc. so your sales people can directly create the ticket for your client. It can also integrate to create ticket from incoming mail as well as from your website.

For better Ticket management, You can classify these Tickets in to various stages as per your ticket resolution process. It can help to track and resolve each ticket immediately  with minimum efforts.

Auto Assign ticket

In Teknovate Helpdesk CRM, you can Create Multiple team and set your own rules based on geography or type of complains to assign each new ticket to the concerned service team and person.

Like this you can assure that each ticket reach to the proper service person without any delay, and that can be resolved ASAP to increase your customer satisfaction with ease. 

You can also save lot of time of your management to create the leads manually and assign it to the concerned person manually. So they can invest this time in improvement of your business and like this you can get the best ROI of the Teknovate Helpdesk CRM.

Auto-Update Ticket Status by Automation

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM is empowered with advance automation tool, through which you can update the live status of the complain created by your customer by automatic E-mail, SMS & Whatsapp, like

  • Send ticket number on registration of complain
  • send name & number of the service person on assign of ticket
  • Update the status of the ticket on each status change.
  • Send ticket resolution update on closing of ticket

This Transparency  will increase the trust of your customer on your service, and also decrease the communication time so your service person can focus on the resolution of the issue rather than involved in the updation of the current status of the ticket.

It will increase the performance of your service person and you get the best Return on your Investment made on Teknovate Helpdesk CRM

Priorities Tickets

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM will help you to set the priority and deadline in each ticket, so your service person can resolve each ticket on time based on the priority set on each ticket.

Like this, Teknovate Helpdesk will make your complain management smooth, so your service person will not waste a single minute on administrative work.

So you can resolve maximum tickets with minimum service person, and save a lot every month with maximum customer satisfaction to get best return on your investment made in Teknovate Helpdesk CRM Software.

Improve Yourself by Powerful Analytic Reports

"Helpdesk department is the mirror of any business"

Teknovate Helpdesk CRM is the complete CRM Software where you not just manage your after sales services operations easily, But it will generate unlimited analytical reports of your after-sales management department.

This will power you to get a 360 degree view of your complain management team performance and the product wise complains you receive so you can improve it with ease.

Live analytical reporting will also help you to take the right decision on right time to resolve the root cause of the Problem to decrease the customer complain ratio from your product or service.

It will improve your product or service quality and ultimately decrease the complains. it will become the key to your success in the business, as you can increase the satisfaction & trust of your clients by continuously improving yourself with the help of Teknovate CRM. 

Go Mobile to work from anywhere

Now a days everything goes to the mobile, so it is very important that your employees can work from anywhere through his mobile. here the Application of Teknovate Helpdesk CRM will help.

By our application, your service person will never loose any task, due to on time POP-UP Notification, and he can communicate with the client, and update the status of the ticket in just one click, so it will increase the performance of your employee.

You can also track your field service person by GPS. so it will make fun for your users and you get live reports of all the operations of your business. 

What makes Teknovate Helpdesk CRM a best Helpdesk software?

All in one

A complete sales CRM solution including Pre sales and Post sales service management for all businesses with powerful features to help you win more sales faster.

Easy to use

Gamified Experience, reduced learning curve, easy adoption, and productivity boost are just the starting point. Keep your sales up with our business CRM Software.


Create custom layouts, use APIs to connect with the apps you are already using and with unlimited customization capabilities, do more with Teknovate Helpdesk CRM.


Helpdesk CRM Features

Auto Create Tickets

By Integration with your website or Incoming mail.

Auto Assign Ticket

Auto assign ticket to the concerned person to save time.

Real-time Activity Reminder Popup

It will never allow you to forget any task.

Auto-Update Ticket status

Auto send E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp for transparent operations.

Live Tracking

Track your field staff by live GPS Tracking

Unlimited Helpdesk Teams

Create & manage multiple teams for better management

Work from Anywhere

Cloud based software with Mobile Application.

Priority Management

Set priority on each ticket to resolve based on urgency.

Warranty / AMC Management

Manage and Track the warranty of each product.

Live Reporting Dashboard

Analyze and Improve your Helpdesk Operations by Live Reporting.

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