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What is a SaaS CRM? 

SAAS CRM stands for Software as a Service Customer Relationship Management. where the software and its data are hosted on the vendor's servers and accessed through a web browser.

SAAS CRM allows businesses to manage their customer interactions, leads, and sales pipeline from a single platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. SAAS CRM is an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline their sales and marketing processes and improve customer relationships.

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Importance of SaaS-based CRM for Your Business

1. Scalability: Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions allow businesses to easily scale their CRM systems up as their needs change. This means that businesses can quickly and easily add or remove users, features, and functionality to meet their changing business needs.

2. Accessibility: As Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions are hosted in the cloud, you can accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that businesses can access their CRM systems on any device, at any time, making it easier for employees to work remotely or on-the-go.

3. Cost-effectiveness: Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions typically require lower upfront costs than on-premises CRM solutions, as businesses do not need to invest in expensive hardware or IT infrastructure. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing plans as per business need.

4. Collaboration: Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions can facilitate collaboration and communication between different departments and teams within a business. This can help to streamline workflows and improve overall efficiency

5. Customer insights: Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions can provide businesses with valuable insights into their customers, such as buying behavior, preferences, and demographics. This information can be used to inform marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and drive sales.

Overall, Teknovate SAAS-based CRM solutions can help businesses to improve their customer relationships, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, making them an important tool for businesses of all sizes.

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What makes Teknovate SAAS Software Ideal for All Industries

Auto-capture leads from sources 

Teknovate B2B CRM software will auto-capture leads from major lead generation sources. and categorized it based on their level of interest. overall, it's a valuable feature for businesses looking to streamline their sales and marketing efforts and improve their bottom line.

Auto-assign leads

Auto-assigning leads can help businesses manage their workload more effectively by distributing leads evenly among team members and ensuring that no leads are left unattended. It's a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve their lead management processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately, drive more sales.

Quotation, Orders, & Payment 

Create a professional quotation in just a few clicks and send it. Convert a Quotation into a sales order in one click with sales CRM software marketing and further create an invoice also in one click from the sales order.

Like this, the Teknovate Sales CRM system will save lots of time and effort for your employees which they can invest in some productive work and improve sales with ease.

Marketing Automation 

Businesses can schedule targeted marketing campaigns across a variety of channels, including Email, SMS, and WhatsApp through Marketing Automation.

It allows businesses to engage with prospects and customers more effectively, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.

Mobile CRM System Application

Now work from anywhere through Teknovate mobile CRM app, So your salesperson will never lose any follow-up, with the POP-UP Notification feature, and they can do Call, Emails, WhatsApp to the client in just one click, and it will increase the performance of your employee.

While delivering end-to-end sales processes, Teknovate CRM helps effectively automate the complete sales cycle from auto lead capturing to end service delivery.

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Benefits of SaaS CRM Software

Track Customer Activities

Track all customer interactions and activities such as phone calls, text messages, emails, and tasks. Get a 360-degree analysis and take the best action to grow your business.


A mobile-friendly SaaS solution that provides a mobile app that allows you to track and record your activities anytime, anywhere using your smartphone.

Track Activities

Track all customer interactions and activities such as phone calls, text messages, emails, and tasks. Get a 360-degree analysis and take the best action to grow your business.

Itinerary Builder

Teknovate SaaS CRM allows you to create amazingly detailed routes in minutes. The easy-to-use route-building module allows you to create custom routes for your customers.

Sales  Automation

Easily manage your entire sales funnel. Focus on potential leads, engaging campaigns, and engaging quickly. SaaS CRM provides sales automation that ensures the free flow of information in your company. Ultimately, this improves overall performance and increases conversion rates.

High Conversion Rates

SaaS CRM System allows you to access all the business details through a single dashboard. You can access contacts, leads, opportunities, booking histories, sales targets and achievements, and customer-related information to drive business in the right direction. The software helps in boosting your conversion rates and increase revenue.

Customer Interactions

Teknovate CRM improves customer experience and enables faster response rates. This allows you to maximize customer retention by providing high-quality service to your customers. The goal of CRM is to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by understanding customer needs and behavior, and by building better relationships with customers over time.

Better Business Insights

Teknovate SaaS CRM software provides detailed reports that make it easy to track business growth. Use these custom reports and analytics to improve your business strategy and move closer to your sales goals. View the ROI of your campaigns, keep a close eye on the customer journey, and track conversions with customizable reports.

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CRM Features Highlights

Auto Create Leads

Auto-fetch leads from your online lead generation sources.

Auto Assign Lead

Auto assigns the lead to the concerned person to save time.

Realtime Activity Reminder Popup

It will never allow you to forget any sales follow-up.

Marketing Automation

Auto-send E-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp to Sale more.

Live Tracking

Track your field staff by live GPS Tracking.

Professional Documents

Create Quotation, Proforma, and Invoice in a few clicks.

Work from Anywhere

Cloud-based software with Mobile Application.

Task Management

Assign, Manage, and Track the progress of each task.

Manage Complaint

Manage and Track the progress of each Complains.

Live Reporting Dashboard

Analyze and Improve your Business through Live Reporting.

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