Best Real Estate CRM Software with Advanced Property Management Feature

Best Real Estate CRM Software in India for Real Estate Business Site 

Real estate sales are highly competitive and require constant attention from their clients. To stay ahead of the competition, you need access to the best tools available.

You need the Best Real Estate CRM software that not only streamlines your business but also helps your sales team to connect with your customers effectively and productively. That’s where a tool like Real-estate CRM software comes in. 

This article explains exactly how real estate CRM software can be useful for real estate agents to increase their sales and profit with ease.

What is a Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate CRM software is a type of software that is designed to help real estate agents to manage their properties, contacts, leads, and other data.

Assists real estate agents to manage their sales leads, appointments, and other tasks in a single platform that they can easily access from any device.

To track the progress and history of real estate deals, analyze the performance of the real estate sales team to increase real estate sales, and create reports to make informed which helps them to take the right decisions at the right time.

How Real Estate CRM Software can be Useful for Real Estate Agents to Increase Sales & Profit with Ease

Real estate CRM software can be helpful for real estate agents in the following ways, so their salesperson can close more deals with ease.

1. Auto capture leads from all your lead generation platform like Magicbricks, 99acres,, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc. so you don't need to create them manually and save your time and effort.

2. Auto Assign leads to your concerned salesperson based on location, project, source, etc.

3. A CRM Software will find the best-matched property based on the requirements of each client like budget, preferred location, etc.

4. Your salesperson will get on-time follow-up notifications, so they never forget any important follow-ups.

5. You will get Live Reporting so you can take the right decision at the right time to improve your sales strategies.

Teknovate CRM is the best Software for real estate brokers
Advanced Integration with Magicbricks, 99Acres,, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.

Manage Properties with Advance Property Management Feature

It helps real estate agents to manage their available properties with Advance Property Management Feature. So it will power them to handle all their major operations like lead management and property management in a single and integrated platform.

The major benefit of In-Built Property Management in CRM Software are as follows :

1. Add all your available properties with all the details like type of property, price, location, amenities, etc.

2. Software will find the best-matched property from your available properties based on the requirements of the client like budget, type of property, For Buy or Rent, Location, etc. to align your client’s expectations with you.

3. Send all the available property detail to the client with the image of the properties.

4. Get the Live Current status of your property, whether it is available or Sold/Rented, so it will never create clashes between your salesperson, and they will get live data anytime.

Benefits of Real Estate CRM System

This software helps real estate brokers to manage real estate offers, their clients’ requirements, their deals, their clients, and their real estate properties, to manage their performance and progress, track the statistics, view the details, and create reports.

Agents can view their deals and manage their clients, who are interested in buying their properties. It provides real estate agents with an organized database, which helps to boost their sales and profit.

Management can track each activity done by their sales team, and act immediately if needed to improve the sales performance and increase the lead conversion ratio. Never lose any deal and win the completion effortlessly.


The real estate CRM system is the tool that will help real estate developers to increase the speed of follow-up and ultimately the performance of their sales team min by 2X.

So that, you can handle and close the leads of 5 salespeople with just 3 salespeople. It will ultimately save the salary of your 2 sales person every month and increase your sales with ease.

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