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How Solar CRM Software helps to 
Increase Sales for Solar & EPC Business !!

✅ The solar industry is booming nowadays, and therefore day by day many people are added to this business to capture the market, which increases the competition in the market.

✅ This is the right time to do something which your competitors do not do. You need technology to increase the speed of your follow-up, automate marketing, and increase the rate of conversion. And this is not possible without Good CRM Software.

Lead Management in Solar CRM Software 

Teknovate CRM is integrated with most B2B, B2C, and lead generation platforms, like Indiamart, Tradeindia, Justdial, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

✅ All your leads, generated from any platform will be automatically created in Teknvate CRM.

✅ So you can manage all your leads from a single system irrespective of your lead generation source.

🎯 It will save you lot’s of time for administrative work in excel sheet management.

Auto Assign Leads to the Appropriate Salesperson

✅ You can define your own rule to assign the lead.

✅ Teknovate CRM will auto-assign all incoming leads to the appropriate salesperson as per your defined rules.

✅ It will decrease your daily task and increase the speed of lead follow-up and ultimately increase the rate of the sales conversation.

Schedule and Priorities your daily activities

✅ Each of your salespeople can schedule his activity to perform.

✅ Teknovate CRM will remind on time to each user.

✅ It will never allow forgetting a single follow-up which leads to an increase in sales conversion and increases profit.

​Schedule and Priorities your daily activities

✅ Automate your routine business activities, like primary follow-ups, with the Marketing Automation feature of Teknovate CRM.

✅ It will save your time and cost, and increase sales conversion.

​Ease of communication with customers​

✅ Get in touch with customers via Whatsapp, Email, Phone, and SMS, from within the Teknovate CRM Itself.

✅ One-click communication will increase the speed of follow-ups and decrease the cost of sales.

Analyze Lost Opportunities​

✅ Teknovate CRM will ask for the reason for a loss for each lost opportunity/lead.

✅ Analyze the reasons behind the loss of opportunities and improve your sales efficiency.

✅ By tracking lead lost reasons, you can increase your sales from your existing leads themselves, and decrease your cost of sales generation.

✅ Track each and every activity performed by your salesperson.

✅ Assign and Track, the sales Target of each salesperson.

✅ Track the sales stages more easily via the sales pipeline Kanban view.

✅ Detailed analysis of the sales activity will help you to take the right decision at the right time to improve your sales process and management.

​Powerful Live Analytical Dashboard​

✅ Remain Live with your business and Get all the necessary details of ongoing sales activity in your Dashboard.

✅ Analyze your sales and marketing from each and every aspect, which leads you to define and optimize your sales process to win the market, and leads you to remain always on top of your segment.

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