CRM Account Management Software

Organize your company information and get a 360° view of every account and customer communications

How Account Management Works?​

Our account management system gives you complete information about your account hierarchy, related contacts, recent activity and customer conversations, current/pending deals, closed deals, account ratings and more in one place. You can even personalize the presentation of important accounts to keep your relationship alive for the long term. A good account management software gives you a 360 degree view of your account and current business transactions.

Boost Client Relations with Account Management Tool

The more customers trust your leadership, the more likely they are to remain loyal and recommend your services to others. Clearly, all of your accounts are important. However, identifying those with the potential for long-term value can move you toward your goals. That's why you need a tool that can streamline your account management process. You should consider an account management tool that can help you:

  • Easily manage multiple accounts
  • Segment accounts based on potential or rating.
  • Collaborate effectively with sales and internal teams
  • Identify sales opportunities and track all customer communications in one place
  • Organize and manage existing and new related contacts
  • Building long-term relationships with valued customers
  • Measuring long-term outcomes and goal achievement

 Unlock Your Potential with Teknovate Account Management Software

Teknovate CRM provides a powerful account management system that helps you manage company and customer account information within your CRM. This software helps sales teams close better deals by giving them complete information about a company's deals, contacts, and operations in one place.

Centralize Your Accounts Data

Access all your customer accounts directly from your CRM account management tool. This complete account overview allows companies to easily manage or update customer accounts and enable sales teams to collaborate effectively.

Account Hierarchy

Account Hierarchy Management allows you to link related accounts together using the "Parent Account" field. This feature allows you to set up a "Parent Account" field that gives you a 360 degree view of your organization and its subsidiaries. Once the accounts are linked, you can easily navigate to the parent account by clicking on the link.

All Account Information at One Place

Manage and view all your information in one place. This includes related contacts, recent activity, pending deals, and current tasks. This full account view provides easy access to relevant contacts, opportunities, and collaboration tools.

Tasks & Activities Management​

The Teknovate CRM account management tool allows you to perform a variety of tasks, such as creating tasks, recording customer conversations with Record Call, and sending personalized emails directly to your customers. This allows you to improve communication with your customers and meet their needs faster.

Account Summary​

Track your account and check its status anytime. The software provides a summary of all your accounts where you can track details like offer amount, received requests, pending amount, closed trades and more.

Import Accounts

With Teknovate CRM, you can import your CRM account with just a few clicks. Traditionally, the sales department is responsible for manually entering accounts and contacts. This will save both time and team effort, freeing you up for other important work. Teknovate CRM can automate this process and import customer account details via CSV files.

Create & Manage Ledger​

Teknovate CRM provides the ability to create and manage a ledger in your account. This function offers the possibility to prepare financial statements. You can easily record all of your clients' transactions and financial statements in your master account. This allows you to manage and track the amount received from related opportunities.

Merge Accounts

To avoid duplicate entries when bulk importing data or manually entering data, Teknovate provides an account merging feature. This feature also helps you merge the accounts you want to merge. This allows for better account management and improves workflow efficiency.

Account View Management​

View controls allow users to set filters on the list of accounts they are working with. This makes it easier for CRM users to navigate to the accounts they are interested in. You can pin a view for yourself or others simply by clicking on the "Share Settings" option.

Account Ownership Management

One of the significant advantages of Teknovate CRM is its ability to manage account ownership. You can assign account ownership between teams. This is especially useful when one team member cannot work on that account. This feature ensures workflow continuity and uninterrupted operation of the organization.

Additional Fields for Account Info​

Tutterfly CRM gives you the ability to add additional fields to your account information form. In this way, you can create fields that help you add data to your account for better management. You can also make these fields required

Teknovate Account Management software

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A complete sales CRM software solution including Pre sales and Post sales service management for all businesses with powerful features to help you win more sales faster.

Easy to use

Gamified Experience, reduced learning curve, easy adoption, and productivity boost are just the starting point. Keep your sales up with our business CRM Software.


Create custom layouts, use APIs to connect with the apps you are already using and with unlimited customization capabilities, do more with Teknovate sales CRM.

Client's Review​

CRM Features Highlights

Auto Create Leads

Auto fetch lead from your online lead generation sources.

Auto Assign Lead

Auto-assign leads to the concerned person saving time.

Realtime Activity Reminder Popup

It will never allow you to forget any sales follow-up.

Marketing Automation

Auto send E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp to Sale more.

Live Tracking

Track your field staff by live GPS Tracking.

Professional Documents

Create Quotation, Proforma and Invoice in few clicks.

Work from Anywhere

Cloud based software with Mobile Application.

Task Management

Assign, Manage and Track the progress of each task.

Manage Complaint

Manage and Track the progress of each Complains.

Live Reporting Dashboard.

Analyze and Improve your Business through Live Reporting.

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