Travel CRM Software For Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Teknovate Travel CRM Software - A specialized CRM for the travel industry to help with sales automation, 
better customer understanding, and revenue growth.

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Travel Agents See High Productivity with Teknovate CRM 

Travel CRM software

Teknovate is a SaaS-based CRM for the travel industry designed to simplify the travel business and regulate sales and customer relationship management processes. It is a travel CRM software equipped with multiple modules to help you manage customers, create itineraries, manage group tours, automate sales processes, manage leads & accounts, improve customer services, and gain insight into your business using a single dashboard.

Our Tours & Travel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is designed specifically for tours & travel agencies and companies to manage their customer interactions and relationships. 

Teknovate Tours & Travel CRM software helps ensure that customers receive prompt and consistent communication, which can help build customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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Why Teknovate Tours & Travel CRM 

CRM for travel industry
Auto-capture leads from sources 

Teknovate Tours & Travels CRM system (customer relationship management) is integrated with major lead generation platforms like Facebook/Insta Ads, B2B Portals, Websites etc.

You can classify all leads into various stages as per your pre-sales process for better lead classification. Our customer relationship management software can help to track & convert each lead into sales with minimum effort.

Travel CRM software

Auto-assign leads

CRM software will automatically assign each lead to the appropriate salesperson to manage your sales team easily and speed up the follow-ups to generate maximum sales from existing leads. 

You can classify leads into different stages and manage pipelines with ease to smoother lead management.

Quotation, Orders, & Payment 

Create a professional quotation with attractive images in a few clicks and send it. Convert a Quotation into a sales order in one click with sales CRM software. further you can create an invoice also in one click from the sales order.

Like this, the Teknovate Sales CRM system will save lots of time and effort for your employees which they can invest in some productive work and improve sales with ease.

Travel CRM

Marketing Automation 

Save time and resources by automating daily repetitive marketing tasks with our marketing automation, such as Automated Follow-ups of sales CRM lead & quotation by Email, SMS, and WhatsApp through Marketing Automation.

Create multiple customized & Unique templates for WhatsApp, E-Mail & SMS which will be auto-sent to the lead on each stage change of his leadership journey from lead creation to close.

CRM mobile app

Mobile CRM System Application

Now work from anywhere through Teknovate mobile CRM app, So your salesperson will never lose any follow-up, with the POP-UP Notification feature, and they can do Call, Emails, WhatsApp to the client in just one click, and it will increase the performance of your employee.

While delivering end-to-end sales processes, Teknovate CRM helps effectively automate the complete sales cycle from auto lead capturing to end service delivery.

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Benefits of Travel CRM Software

Lead Management

The software offers to automate the marketing process by simple integration with other platforms to collect data from the campaigns.

Sales Management

CCRM for travel agency helps streamline the sales cycle; making it easy to close deals in the ales pipeline and helping your team achieve your goals faster.

Activity Tracking 

CRM provides built-in analytics to contextualize data and break it down into easy-to-understand metrics to determine sales and marketing success. 

Increase Team Collaboration

Travel CRM solutions help improve communication between teams and improve the efficiency of day-to-day business operations.

Better Customer Relationships

It offers personalized automated communication that reduces the overall turnaround time and boosts the customer satisfaction rate.

Boost Conversions

All the business information can be accessed through a single screen, making it easy to perform rapid sales.

Easy Itinerary Creation

Teknovate CRM software makes it easy to create personalized and professional routes in minutes.

Improve Revenue Growth

CRM for the travel industry helps you increase your revenue by improving your sales conversion rate.

All in one

A complete sales CRM software solution including Pre sales and Post sales service management for all businesses with powerful features to help you win more sales faster.

Easy to use

Gamified Experience, reduced learning curve, easy adoption, and productivity boost are just the starting point. Keep your sales up with our business CRM Software.


Create custom layouts, use APIs to connect with the apps you are already using and with unlimited customization capabilities, do more with Teknovate sales CRM.

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CRM Features Highlights

Auto Create Leads

Auto fetch lead from your online lead generation sources.

Auto Assign Lead

Auto assign lead to the concerned person to save time.

Realtime Activity Reminder Popup

It will never allow you to forget any sales follow-up.

Marketing Automation

Auto send E-mail, SMS and WhatsApp to Sale more.

Live Tracking

Track your field staff by live GPS Tracking.

Professional Documents

Create Quotation, Proforma and Invoice in few clicks.

Work from Anywhere

Cloud based software with Mobile Application.

Task Management

Assign, Manage and Track the progress of each task.

Manage Complaint

Manage and Track the progress of each Complains.

Live Reporting Dashboard.

Analyze and Improve your Business through Live Reporting.

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