What is the biggest Mistake each SMEs do in their business ?
Sales Strategies are the key to success for any business, small or big. Without proper Sales Strategies in place, it can be very difficult to convert leads into sales

How small business can Increase Sales?

Sales Strategies are the key to success for any business, small or big. Without proper Sales Strategies in place, it can be very difficult to convert leads into sales. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 Sales Strategies that have been proven to increase lead conversion ratios by 3X in just 3 months! These strategies are simple and easy to follow, and will help you close more sales with less efforts.

Without Sales Strategies, businesses cannot function properly. Sales Strategy helps to set the foundation for a business, and it is essential for salespeople to have a good understanding of Sales Strategies in order to be successful.

What are the Biggest Challenges of Sales Department?

👉 In this era of Digital Marketing, generation of leads is not a big deal… and each business gets enough leads for their product or service through social media.

✅ But the major challenge is to convert that lead in to sales, and this will make you the winner in your market. If you are good at this, you can generate lots of sales and make you business profitable.

What is the Biggest Mistake Made by Business Owners?

As SMEs have a limited budget, they will invest in Lead Generation, and in the salesperson, but not in the technology, Just to save a small amount of money.

But this small saving will become their Biggest Mistake, due to which they suffer from the following.

✅ You waste your lot’s of time in data creation / management / and updating in Excel Sheet which will increase your sales generation cost by 15%.

✅ You Forgot to do on-time follow-ups, which will decrease your sales by 28%.

✅ Due to the lack of Transparency, Trackability and detailed Reporting's, you can not upgrade your business, on time. which will down your business by 23% every year.

Importance of CRM Software in your Business

As you have invested lots of your Time, Efforts and Money to generate the lead, Now if you fail to convert it into sales, it is the double loss for you !!! So this is the department in each business, where they need to have some Technological Automation.

If you want guaranteed and continuous growth of your business, this will never happens without the use of the technology.

Here comes the role of IT, which will give you a platform where you can land, and manage all your leads generated from different platforms and with many automations it will help you to convert it in to sales very easily and speedily. This Platform or Software is Known as CRM Software.

By setting many automation through Lead Management Software, you can save lot’s of time of your sales person, and they can generate lot’s of sales with minimum efforts and become a sales engine for you.

If you want the Answer in one Line, so it is: Set up Lead Management & Marketing automation by Teknovate CRM Software.

👉 How Teknovate CRM will help to increase sales?

✅ Auto-create all your leads from Facebook, Instagram Ads, website, IndiaMart, or any of your lead generation platforms.

✅ Auto-assign each lead to the concerned salesperson and sales team.

✅ Auto follow-up of each lead, throughout the complete lead Journey.

✅ POP-UP Notification for each scheduled follow-up, so you do not forget it.

✅ One-click follow-up (Call / WhatsApp / Email / SMS) by the mobile application to save time.

✅ Auto record each follow-up of the lead, which helps you for the next quality follow-up.

✅Auto Send Welcome Mail/SMS/WhatsApp to each incoming Lead.

✅ Auto Send Salesperson's contact info to customer.

And many many more such automation which can reduce the time and efforts to close the deal...

Sounds Interesting Right!!!

And this also feels like the solution of your many issues from which you suffer right now. And by Implementing Teknovate CRM, you can make your sales team like sales Avengers.

But let me tell you that, this is just a glimpse, and there are endless possibilities with Teknovate CRM to not just make your sales department in Automation mode, but for your all the Business departments like Service, Production, Accounts, Inventory etc.

Save minimum ₹12,000 / Salesperson / Month and Improve your sales by 5X 📈