Save minimum ₹12,000 / Salesperson / Month and Improve your sales by 5X 📈

Increase Sales by 5X 📈 by 

Lead Management CRM Software with Marketing Automation

So Let's Deep Drive and check How you can Save ₹12,000 / Month / Salesperson...

Auto Create and Assign lead

👉 If you are investing your money to generate leads in many Marketing Platforms like Facebook/Instagram & Google Ads, Indiamart, Justdial, 99Acrs,, Magicbricks, etc. and waste lot's of time of your salesperson by manually creating each lead in Excel...

✅ Teknovate CRM Software is already integrated with major Lead Generation portals, so all your leads will be Auto-Created in CRM Software with all the lead details.

🎯 Auto Capturing Leads from different sources feature will save minimum daily 2 to 3 hours of your every salesperson, which will daily save a minimum of ₹100/salesperson and ultimately ₹2,000/month/salesperson.💰

Timely follow-up

👉 If your salesperson frequently forgets to do on-time follow-ups and lost many businesses because of this...

✅ In Teknovate Lead Management CRM Software, your salesperson can schedule his activity to do, and software will give them on-time POP-UP notification for his each planned activity, which does not allow them to forget any follow-ups.

🎯 Onetime follow-up popup reminder will increase the conversion ratio of your salesperson up to 30%. So if you will get just 1 more sale because of this, you will get an extra profit of a minimum of ₹5,000/month/salesperson.💰

👉If your salesperson sends manual WhatsApp, E-mail & SMS to the client in complete lead Journey and wastes lot's of time in this...

✅ Teknovate Marketing Automation Feature will Auto send WhatsApp, E-mail & SMS through the complete lead journey from Lead creating to closure on behalf of your salesperson and save lot's of time and efforts of your salesperson.

🎯 Teknovate Marketing Automation Feature will increase the performance of your salesperson, So Now your salesperson can do more than 30 extra follow-ups/day, so you can manage more leads with the minimum salesperson, which will minimum save 5,000/month/salesperson.💰


Like this you can save a more than ₹12,000/month/salesperson at the cost of only 700/month/salesperson by implementing Teknovate Lead Management CRM Software in your business.

So you will get 1,600% of Return on your investment.🎯

👉 This is just a glimpse of Teknovate Lead Management CRM Software features and their benefits in your business, We do have a lot many features which can completely automate your business so you can get maximum sales and profit with minimum cost and efforts.

So Let's do not waste more time and money and contact our sales consultant today only to decrease sales generation cost and Increase Sales by 5x.

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