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How to generate leads and Increase Sales and Profit 

What is the Importance of Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a very important and crucial part of the marketing and sales department. and it plays a major role in the success of any business.

As in this new era of the market, marketing and sales are the engines of any business. And rest can be managed anyhow by outsourcing as well.

We have seen many such examples like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. who do not manufacture a single product, but still, they are ruling the market in almost all the industries all over the globe.

How to Generate Quality Leads?

Before you start lead generation, you need to work on the following points and make a note for that, so based on that you can select the best medium for the lead generation, and you can make a proper workflow for the same.

 Type of your Business

 Your Target Audience

 Purchase Behavior of Customer

 Price of your Products / Services

 Minimum Revenue you can Get Per Customer

 Need of Your Products / Services (One time OR Recurring)

After working on the above parameters, you can select the best medium and way for your business to generate the quality leads at a minimum cost.

Now I will share with you some of the best ways to generate leads, with the USP of that medium, and for which kind of industry/business you can select this medium so you can select your way and generate the leads effectively.

But make sure, all the sources will not work for you, you have to select your source of lead generation, and you can set the priority too.

Best Lead Generation Ways

01.) B2C & B2B Portals

There are many B2C (Business to Customer) & B2B (Business to Business) Lead Generation portals in the market that will help you to generate the leads for your product or service.

Who can generate the Leads from B2B & B2C Portals?

If you are selling the product or service to the Business like Manufacturer or Trader or service provider then you can generate the leads by B2B Portal.

If you are selling the product or service to the end-users directly, then you can generate the leads by B2C Portal.

How can I select the best Lead Generation Portal for my Business?

How can I select the best Lead Generation Portal for my Business? - There are many such B2B & B2C Lead generation portals in the market like Indiamart, TradeIndia, Alibaba, Justdial, Yellowpages, etc.

There are some portals, which are country-specific. Like IndiaMart and Trade India is mainly for Indian Suppliers and Alibaba is an international Portal.

So you can select the best portal for you based on your country as well as based on the country of your target customer to get the best result and generate lots and lots of quality leads.

How to start Lead generation from B2B & B2C Portals?

Initially, you have to do some market survey and select some portals which suit your business to generate inquiry.

Now you can log in to that portal for free, and create your profile and test the service of that portal and start generating leads for free from that portal.

But if you want more leads and that too very quickly, you should go with the paid package. so it will increase the flow of your inquiry.

How to Manage Leads Generated by B2B & B2C Platforms?

You can purchase CRM Software like Teknovate CRM which is already integrated with many B2B & B2C Portals like IndiaMart, Trade India, Justdial, etc.

So whatever the leads you will generate from such portals, that will be auto fetched in Teknovate CRM, so you can manage all your leads and they are Managed from a single platform.

02.) SMS & E-Mail Marketing 

You can send bulk email as well as a Bulk SMS campaign to the potential buyers of yours.

But for that, you should have some data like name, number, email id, their business details, etc. of your potential customers.

You should properly classify your data with some common interest so you can send effective mail / SMS with effective content that can directly hit the pain point of them and it will easily generate the inquiry from them.

How to generate data through Bulk E-mail and SMS Campaigns?

You can get such data from the directories. There are many industry-specific directories you will get in the market, you can buy that to start.

You can also visit the business events and collect the business card of your target customer and make such data.

You can search for your target customer in search engines like google and generate the data.

You can also keep a record of your previous customer, or the one who has contacted you in the past and did not purchase the product from you, and it can also be the best way to generate the data of your potential customer.

How to Send Bulk Email and SMS Campaigns?

Once you are ready with your data, you should select the software to send your bulk email and bulk SMS campaign.

In the Market, there are many such software, through which you can send your bulk email and bulk SMS campaign, and even you can track the success of your campaign like,

 How many emails are delivered?

 How many emails are opened?

 How many replies do I get from this campaign?

How many replies do I get from this campaign?

Teknovate CRM is the best tool to send your Email and SMS Campaign. Where you can import your contact list, and run your campaign easily.

You can also design your professional and designer email in minutes by the ready to use snippets of Teknovate Email Marketing Software by simply drag and drop, and editing the content.

In Teknovate CRM, You can also generate the target audience by filtering your existing data from your Leads or your Customers to send bulk mail or bulk SMS and generate the sales from your existing customers only by upselling your new products or services.

03.) Digital Marketing and Social Media

There are many Social media platforms available to generate business from them. Like,​ 

 Facebook           Instagram

​ LinkedIn           ​ Twitter

You can create your business account and business page on all these social media platforms. And send some posts regularly to make the world aware of your products or services

You should make maximum connections in all these social media platforms, so your message will reach the maximum people. And it will help you to generate maximum leads free of cost.

If you want to generate leads quickly, you should create a paid campaign where you can select your target audience by many filters like city, state, gender, behavior, etc., and you can generate more leads in less time.

04.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are many competitions in the digital world, so if someone searches for your product or service, on google, google will show him many websites.

Now here the position of your website is also an important factor as if your website is on the 10th page of google, the chances to open your website will decrease, so it will decrease your lead generation ratio.

To be on the top page of Google, you have to give maximum content in the blog and you have to hire an agency, who can manage your SEO. but again it is a time-consuming process and also it needs to invest money a lot.

05.) Website & Landing Page

You can create your website, with all the information about your business, your company, your products or services with your USPs.

Now whenever your potential customer will need your service or product, he will search in google, he can find your website and he can contact you. So like this, you can generate leads from your website.

06.) Business Events

There are many Business Exhibitions organized, where the business people will participate and present their products and services. Interested people will visit such exhibitions and many business deals are finalized in such events.

You can also participate in such business exhibitions, and present your product or service and generate some quality leads.

You can also generate lots of data of your potential clients, and send email and SMS by Teknovate CRM, to generate inquiry and get the maximum benefits you have invested in such events.


 So we have discussed the most important ways of lead generation, from where you can generate the leads for free or by paid.

 As you have seen there are lots of efforts and money you have to invest in lead generation, but the most crucial part is to manage the leads, to do the follow-ups on time, and to convert it into sales.

 If you can convert maximum leads into sales then only your sales generation cost will be decreased and you can invest more in sales and marketing and you can grow your business and profit quickly.

 To do so you will need CRM Software like Teknovate CRM which can fetch all your leads, and you can manage all your leads from a single screen.

 The auto follow-up and marketing automation feature of Teknovate CRM will increase your conversion ratio, and you can generate more sales with fewer efforts.

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